Bubba Watson was left out in the cold today after NASCAR bosses  sensationally uninvited him from doing a parade lap at the Sprint Cup on March 4th.  Watson was initially lined up to do a special ceremonial lap of  the Phoenix International Speedway in his car “The General Lee” from 80’s TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard."  The official reason given by Nascar was that the confederate flag on the roof of Watson’s car might offend the dead ancestors of some racegoers.

general leeNASCAR spokesman Roger Piston said he had reviewed several of Watson’s  Bubbaclaus videos on youtube along with footage of Watson at last year’s French Open and while he found Watson’s behaviour to be “loud, bullish, ungentlemanly and insensitive; everything that NASCAR racing fans stand for,"  he just couldn’t risk offending  people with the confederate flag on the roof of the car.


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