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In recognition of his "continued ability to blurt out stuff he’s just read in the paper", Lee Trevino has once again swept the board at the annual Gala PGA “Stating The Bleedin’ Obvious  Awards” held at the Kodak Centre in Hollywood California.

The awards are strictly for ex professionals who fit the criteria of “piping up every now and then with a quote, on a slow news day”. 

Members of the academy honoured Trevino with the top award of the night, “The Anything About Tiger Woods Award”, for his latest comment on Mr Woods.  

"I would call a Realtor in Henderson, Nevada, and I'd find out where Butch lived and I'd buy the house next door. I'd go over and ring the doorbell and say, 'Hi, neighbour,' and get back with Butch. That's exactly what I would do."

Trevino held off stiff competition from Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus to scoop the top award which was presented by The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman, herself a shock winner of the award in 2008 for suggesting that Tiger be “lynched” in a “back alley” somewhere.

 DenisPugh_656521 There was some cause for celebration for the Sky Sports Golf Team at the The Stating The Bleedin’ Obvious Awards when Denis Pugh picked up the “Bleedin’ Obvious Timewasting  Instructional Piece Whilst Totally Avoiding The Question Award” for his demonstration of how to hit a draw and fade in the practice net when asked by David Livingstone what was going wrong with Tiger’s swing at Pebble Beach.

ron flash The celebrations for the Sky Sports team were short lived however when Simon Holmes was beaten for the Best Comedian Award.  The prize again went to Trevino for his follow-up comment on Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon.

"I'm sure there's bad blood there, at least that's what I've heard.  I haven't talked to Butch in years, so I don't know how he feels with Tiger and I don't know if Tiger is too proud to ask for the help and if he asked for help if Butch would give it to him. He's all messed up right now."

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