Japanese golfer Ryo Ishikawa famous for having his face on his golf ball and managing to somehow get invites to all the big tournaments has revealed he his dying to show off the new mark he plans to put on his ball.

ryo ballSpeaking from Augusta after receiving an invite for the 2012 Masters, Ishikawa told Japanese TV, “This is going to be the coolest mark anyone has ever put on a ball.  It’s so easy anyone could do it and trust me when you see it you’ll be putting it on your ball.  I’m dying to show it to everyone at this year’s Summer’s British Open. But only if I get an invite, that is.”

Ishikawa’s management team last night quelled rumours that the young Japanese is actually using this as a clever trick to fool the R&A in getting an invite to The Open because he hasn’t a hope in hell of qualifying by rights.  “No honestly, I swear, you have to see the ball mark, it’s just sooooo cool” his manager said.  “Cross my heart and hope to die and swear on my two kids lives.  Just give us an invite and you will see it.  You wont be disappointed”.

R&A boss Peter Dawson who marks his own ball with a cool hexagon using five sharpies is said to giving the request serious consideration.


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  1. I realise that this pathetic excuse for an article was written in an attempt to be funny and satirical, but its just a load of rubbish. Its sad to see someone so ignorant and uneducated writing such, dare I say racist trash about Ryo Ishikawa. Give him a break, what were you doing when you were 20 years old? Most probably earning minimum wage behind the bar at your local golf club.
    Did you ever shoot 58 when you were a teenager? No, because you're no where near as talented as Ryo Ishikawa.
    Did you decide to donate your winnings from last year (in excess of $1million) to the Japanese Tsunami aid?
    No, because the money you would have earned from competing in tournaments last year is either non-existent or so small that it wouldn't even cover the cost of buying an unmarked pack of top flite golf balls.
    I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself, and your life and think twice before you write such farcicle nonsense about a guy who is idolised 127 million people in his home country.
    Sure he's no Rory Mcilroy just yet, but give him a couple of years and he'll make you look like an idiot for writing such disrespectful crap.