In advance of the publication of Hank Haney’s book about Tiger Woods entitled The Big Miss, more leaks have emerged in The New York Times.

  • The big reveal is that the suggestion that Tiger Woods was interested in becoming a Navy SEAL was serious.  So serious in fact that it was SEAL training and not golf that caused Woods to tear the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He was involved in an exercise with the SEALs when the injury occurred.
  • Haney also says in the book that Tiger has a fixation with body builders saying that he is  "inordinately interested in muscle-building."
  • Haney has a whole chapter in the book about Tiger’s indiscretions.  It details Tigers obsession with calling and texting women on his mobile phone, whilst practicing his Haney.
  • Whether it matters or not, Tiger doesnt share his lollipops.  He often went into his house to grab, yet never offered one to Haney.  He said they were sugar free but was there something else in there he felt Haney shouldn’t be tasting??
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