Providence, Rhode Island- Hall of Fame golfer Gary Player was plunged into controversy today after doubt was cast over some of his most famous fitness claims.

gary player sit ups

Can somebody help lift this thing off my belly please?

Speaking to a hastily assembled media gathering 18 year old Chad Dumbell said “There’s no way that Gary Player does a 1000 sit ups a day.  I watched a video of Mr Player on youtube and those things he does are called stomach crunches. Any dumbass knows a sit-up goes all the way up, then back down flat.  And useless he’s counting like ‘One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine, a hundred’, he never does a 1000.

This new evidence backs up a 2008 claim by Phil McGleno who said on a forum, “He's blowing smoke up your ass. He doesn't even do 50 a day. He stayed in my friend's guest house a few years ago and would wake up after 8am, drink a bunch of coffee, and sit outside reading the paper. Then he'd shower, get dressed, and head out. At night he'd fall asleep in the La-Z-Boy and then eventually wander to bed.”  

John Paramor has been called in to investigate the claims.  An announcement is due when he gets around to it.


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