It’s sometimes hard to get around the fact that a one foot lip out putt counts the same as the 300 yard drive.  Having a putter that you know suits your game is everything.
Technically we are all striving to get that ball moving end over end as soon as possible after impact with the putter face.  The loft of the putter at impact is different for everyone depending on their stroke, and that certainly affects how the ball reacts when struck but here we will discuss another factor, the face material.
Putters like Scotty Cameron’s famous Newport blade are milled from a single piece of stainless steel.  Modern techniques such as CNC-milling produces superb quality, blemish free faces on every putter.  Players such as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods favour a milled blade putter.
The idea of having face inserts in putters is relatively new.  Serving to soften the putter face, inserts affect feel, have a different sound and most critically increase the time the ball adheres to the face, with company’s like Odyssey claim produces a truer roll.  Phil Mickelson uses a face insert putter.
So which is right for you?  The only way to know is to try both and find your preference!

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