Fanny Sunesson, one of the most famous caddies on Tour is set to hang up her bib. 

fanny 2 On the bag of Nick Faldo from 1990-1999, the young bushy haired Fanny helped him win clam four of his six Major titles.

Always media shy about her achievements , Fanny remained tight lipped for many years choosing only to open up a little quite recently. “It's hard to beat a British Open victory at St. Andrews, precisely because it is about the place and the course. To get in there in the middle of town on the 18th hole is awesome, Nick was a giant and I felt like the giant’s eyebrow” she said. Indeed the sight of Faldo, doing what he did best, on that hot Summers day with a sweating Fanny urging him on, remains an iconic image in sport.

Following her split from Faldo, Fanny spent a short and painful period with Sergio Garcia, before moving to Fred Funk, who nearing 50, just couldn’t keep up.

fanny Realizing she herself was getting stretched,  Fanny got herself back in shape before hooking up her fellow Swede, Henrik Stenson five years ago. The two connected with Stenson immediately taking to the new trimmed down Fanny.  Their greatest achievement came when Stenson won the 2009 Players Championship, boosting him to No. 5 in the world. “I don’t know what I did before I discovered Fanny, getting her to caddie for me was a real snatch”, a delighted Stenson said on winning.

Sunesson injured her back a year ago after slipping on a bearded clam in Switzerland, which caused her to cut back on her caddying duties. Fanny had been flapping around in the world of coaching in any case, and decided to draw the beefy curtains on a glittering caddying career.  Sitting down with Stenson to discuss her back injury, Fanny revealed it felt like a ripped out fireplace these days and sometimes, even in the thick of the action, she felt like turning over and going to sleep.  A disappointed Stenson urged her continue, but she was asleep in seconds.

Fanny who’s age remains a closely gardened secret, has now dived head first into the world of coaching. “Coaching is fun, almost as much fun as caddying,” she said. “To choose between the two would be like spitting hairs.”


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