They say he once played a round of golf in Mount Juliet.  They say he was 15 under par after 12 holes and walked off, claiming ‘golf was piss easy’.

He’s Irish cycling legend and he’s coming to the West Of Ireland for the Cunga Christmas Party.  And in the absence of any better options, it shall also be the GolfCentralDaily Christmas Party. So technically speaking, two legends will be attending.  (I’m the other one by the way.)

If anybody is around Cong in County Mayo this Saturday night, do join us in Lydon’s Lodge from 7pm.  €20 quid at the door gets you a meal, front row seats at a Q&A session and a chance to buy me and Sean a drink after.  We’ve also arranged for Black Betty and Gangnam Style both to be played by the DJ until five past two.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Stock up on solpadeine too because we are all headed cycling with Sean on Sunday morning.



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Donal Hughes

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