It was only a matter of time before things got messy with Rory’s existing sponsors as we all know Nike are not into sharing their stars. Oakley who have invested hugely into Rory and built their golf clothing collections around him have filed a lawsuit against both Rory McIlroy and Nike, claiming breach of contract.



The case revolves around Oakley which used its right of first refusal to match Nike proposal and which they claim was ignored by the McIlroy camp, thereby breaching the Oakley-McIroy contract.

Reports say that Oakley offered about $60 million to McIlroy but the true figure wasn’t in the court documents.

Oakley now say their relationship with Rory is "irreparable",  which allows them the right to block McIlroy’s oakley-rory-mcilroyNike contract through the courts.

Oakley have completed all production and branding for the 2013 and spent $300,000 on a photo shoot for the 2013 apparel. They are seeking damages.

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