Fancy yourself as being in my league when it comes to useless information about golf. Here’s a series of questions to test you to the very limit.  Let me know how you get on and don't even think of googling the answers!

Scoring Guide

18/20 or better = Living legend

15/20 or better = Send your CV in to Sky

10/20 or better = Maybe some on course reporting

less than 10 = You need to read more GolfCentralDaily son!


clip_image0021. What is jungle Bird's real name?

2. What is the name of the kid Rory McIlroy cleavered at The Open?

3. Name the Swede who had 2 holes in one in one round this year?

4. Who drove it into a bin this year on the PGA Tour?

5. Who nearly lost his finger in a boat winch accident?

6. Why was Randal Lewis in the news this year?

7. Kevin Na got to cut down his '16' tree. At what event?

clip_image002[8]8. Name the Huntingdon golf coach who went berserk?

9. Who said 'you're shitting me' after watching a Kevin Na road shot?

clip_image002[6]10. The engraver nearly made a massive cock up of The Open medal. what was he about to engrave on it?

11. Whose caddie made made the world’s worst job at ditching a 15th club this year?

12. What record score did Rhein Gibson shoot in one round this year?

13. Name 3 golfers inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year.

14. What did Feherty compare Ernie’s putter to at the Tavistock Cup?

15. Who said “Leave the bag alone, you TV Muppet!” at The Open?

16. Who DQ’d himself from the US PGA C’ship after remembering a rules breach during dinner that night?

1clip_image0017. Name the Swede who got completely naked on the beach for ESPN’s Body issue this year.`

18. Who talked with Kelly Tilghman about smoking a few spliffs this year.

19. Who won $35,000 at a Poker Stars event in the Caribbean back in January?

20. Who’s twitter account was shut down after a rant during the US Presidential Election?

Answers tomorrow!

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