If you think Darren Clarke got up yesterday morning and while brushing his teeth decided to no longer be in the race for Europe’s next Ryder Cup Captain, then you’re a bigger fool than me.  If this Ryder Cup committee were a parliament it would be Italian and Monty would be Silvio Berlusconi.  Blissfully unaware of his deep unpopularity due a rare glitch in his cerebral cortex, he wants back.  It’s highly political and getting messy.

darrenAnd where is  Darren left?  I wonder what his friends and confidants would be saying to him over a beer.  Maybe something like this.

Bottle of bud: Who wants to be pitched against Tom Watson next time anyway?  And you have to be ready to deal with being beaten if McGinners is chosen this time, after all he has the experience?

Bottle of bud: Whatever happens mate, both yourself and Paul certainly don’t want to come off looking like little schoolboys with reddened bottoms if Montgomerie barges back in and spanks your ass? That’s the worst case scenario. Wait until America, play your golf, enjoy your exemptions. They’ll love you over there, and if we win, it will be against the odds.

Chaser: Anyway they’ll probably have Jay Haas or the like as Captain in 2016; you’re taller and more handsome than him; you’ll look great bra!

Bottle of bud: Why not just say you’re playing too well to do this time.

The word inside the ropes is that it’s a done deal.  McGinley will Captain in 2014 with Clarke taking over in 2016.  Monty will not be Captain. 

Personally I dont get the hullabulloo over countering who the USA Captain is. Tom Watson wont be playing, so what’s the problem. The Irish soccer team appointed one of the greatest managers of all time in Giovanni Trappatoni to great fanfare then his team performed horribly on a big stage. It’s a proven fact that you cannot shine a shite, not comparing Team USA to a shite for a second, but hopefully you get the point. Watson wont make a good team into a great team, that doesn’t happen in golf, otherwise the USA would still be playing against GB&I every two years. GB&I had some great Captains yet needed European players to bolster the roster and save the Ryder Cup. A great team will make a great team.

Time for Darren to say a few words on the matter. He told SkySports 

"As much as I would dearly love to be captain, this may not be my time.  I am exempt for another three years and if I was given the opportunity to do the captaincy, I'd effectively be throwing two of those years away. I played my best golf for about 18 months towards the end of last year. If they asked me to do it in Gleneagles it would be a difficult decision."

This is not over yet! They say its a done deal, but there’s sure to be plenty of shouting!


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