When there’s no news at an event where nothing is happening and the wind is blowing the media tent away what do the journos do?  That’s right, they turn to Johnny Miller for guidance.

The lastest sh/tstorm was kicked up around the NBC’s only blonde employee who started waxing on about about Poulter taking a long time before hitting a certain putt. Notwithstanding the fact that George Clooney in A Perfect Storm wouldn’t even dare got outside in the winds, Miller bitched, “You just can‘t stay over the putt that long. You've got to get in there, line it up and hit it………..He’s afraid he’s going to hurt himself, and that would probably set the game back 20 years.”

As you might expect Poults didn’t take long to respond via the twitter machine

“Johnny miller why don't you come interview me live and say that stuff straight to my face. Was you watching a different channel.”

Fight fight fight fight…..or probably not. But it passed a few minutes.


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