This week’s lesson comes from Michael Gallagher, UK and Ireland Junior Golf Coach of the Year and Qualified PGA Professional at Killymoon Golf Club.

All too often I witness many golfers being one dimensional around the green and resorting to the one club that they have faith in, whilst not always playing what I call the ‘right shot at the right time’. By following the steps below I am hopefully going to add another dimension to your games

A chip shot is a low flying greenside shot that rolls farther than it carries in the air. There are many different techniques that can produce this shot; however, some are more efficient than others. One of the most efficient ways to chip is to treat the shot as a putt using a different club for the length of shot required. This will allow you to take advantage of a motion that is easy to reproduce because there is no wrist hinge, which can be difficult to control.

1. Once the technique is established there is one job and one job only: to fly the ball to a specific spot and let it roll out from there.

2. That spot (Picture 1) should be approximately three feet onto the green, regardless of the distance from the pin.

3. Using different clubs will help control how far the ball rolls after landing: less loft equals more roll.

4. Set up by taking a narrow stance that is slightly open to the target line, and let your weight favour the front foot.

5. The club's butt end should be pointing towards your left shoulder with the ball played slightly back of center in the stance (Picture 2).

6. Good posture will encourage the arms to hang relaxed from the shoulders.

7. The chipping motion is similar to a putting stroke. The club swings away with a small turning of the shoulders. As the club returns to impact, its acceleration should be supported with some body rotation to the left.

8. It is important that the wrists remain quiet throughout the entire motion. This ensures the clubhead trails the hands into impact for a more consistent downward blow.

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