You wont believe this coming from me but Ray Floyd used actually manage a topless band called The Ladybirds. And I found pictures!

Only click “read more” below, if you are over 18, dont have a pacemaker, and dont mind having your eye poked out.

ladybirds_surfbandIn his youth Floyd was known as a lunatic, lush loving  party animal who part owned a club.  It was through this that Floyd wound up managing The Ladybirds.

"Pretty Boy," as he was known back then, managed the controversial band who were shunted out of New Jersey, to Las Vegas and finally to California.  There The Ladybirds played in the infamous Blue Bunny Club in Hollywood and went on to appear the film The Wild, Wild World Of Jayne Mansfield.



Golfspelledbackwards found an SI article detailing Floyds involvement with the band :

In 1998, Sports Illustrated ran an article about golfers carousing in San Francisco that included a stripper's recollection of Floyd:

Ask Floyd if it's hard to have a good time in San Francisco. Back in the late '60s and early '70s, when he was single, Floyd was a regular along the Broadway strip. He was part owner of a bar, Coke's, an investor in a topless girls band and one of Carol Doda's many admirers.

Doda, who is memorialized in Tom Wolfe's book The Pump House Gang because she was one of the first topless dancers to enlarge her breasts with silicone, remembers the scene well. 'I just knew him as Raymond Floyd,' she says. 'What did I know about golf? I never went out with him, if that's the next question. He was a bachelor having a great time.'

Doda runs a lingerie boutique on Union Street these days and sings in her band, Carol Doda and her Lucky Stiffs. From 1968 to '87, though, when she had a show at the Condor Club (it's a sports bar now), she was the top act on Broadway. To start the show, a piano, with Doda aboard dancing topless, would be slowly lowered from the ceiling. 'I did eight or nine shows a night,' Doda says. 'I felt like an elevator operator, I was going up and down so much. Raymond and the guys [she recalls Miller Barber and Bob Rosburg, among others] would come in, watch the show and then hang out and talk to me at the bar. That could go on for hours.'

After hours, there was golf. Doda says that her former manager Voss Boreta and the Tour pros would step out of the Condor Club and onto the toughest dogleg in San Francisco. 'They'd get up in the middle of Broadway at three or four in the morning and hit balls to Columbus Avenue,' she says.


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