This week’s lesson comes from PGA Professional Wayne O’Callaghan at his academy in Fernhill Golf Club, Carrigaline Cork.,

lane 2

A drill I find is really effective to improve putting is to place five lines of string secured to the ground with tees. They should run parallel to each other on a flat part of the green with no break involved. The first lane is one foot wide, the second nine inches, the third six inches and the last one just slightly wider than the golf ball. The objective is to roll the golf ball through the lanes without the ball hitting the lines.

It creates a great understanding of where the putter face is facing at impact. For instance if the ball hits the line to the left the putter face was closed at impact, try the putt again and if you hit the same line you will need to feel the putter face is open to the target at impact to roll the ball straight. This will only be a feeling if the ball rolls straight down the lane and the putter face will in fact be square. You can play games with friends with this drill to see who successfully rolls the ball down all four lanes first but if you hit a line you must start at lane one again.

Remember you drive for show and putt for dough.

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