Hi guys, David here.  I’m guessing by now you all heard about my DQ from The Open qualifying yesterday and are dying to know what happened.

higgs thumb_thumb[1]I finished pretty much two and a half hours before the last tee time. At the time I thought -5 had a very outside chance at maybe a playoff for one spot as there were lots of guys to come in that had played well in their morning rounds.

All my equipment was soaked from the rain. Thinking I was done for the day, I dried it as best I could and packed it away in my flight bag.  Like most pros, I always carry a few extra clubs as different courses require different types of shots. So obviously I had packed away ALL my clubs.

I went for a shower and changed out of the sopping wet clothes. Then  had a nice lunch and watched the scores.  I couldn’t believe it but was delighted to see the way things were panning out as I moved up the leaderboard and became more confident that I could get one of the spots available in the playoff.

I decided to go the range to warm up again and hit a few balls. I just took driver, mid iron and wedge. It was still raining really hard so I kept the rain cover on my bag.  My caddy for the day, Monty, a local man that knows north Berwick like the back of his hand, had done a great job all day and was up for the playoff.

We headed for the tee. I hit a good tee shot, and good second to about 15 feet. I was hunkered down reading my putt when the thought suddenly came into my head, "fu€k, did I take that other rescue out if the bag?"

I stood up and felt a bit sick in my stomach as I walked over to the bag to check. And there she was looking up at me! "Bollix"..........

It was a horrible thing to happen but I have no-one to blame only myself. I guess the excitement/ adrenaline rush of getting another opportunity to play in the greatest golf event in the world clouded my judgement and I made a mistake.....

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support to me myself and through golfcentraldaily. They are much appreciated.


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Donal Hughes

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  1. Hey David, I know how you must feel, having done the same thing last month. Playing in the Captains Prize in my local club, shot a 68 and had the winning score. An hour before the presentation I had seen the 15th club in my bag, and had to DQ myself from the competition. It is a sickening feeling alright. Best wishes for the rest of the season.