I suppose it's at times like these that legendary sports anchorman Jim Nantz earns his corn.

An elated Matt Kuchar, after winning the RBC Heritage, came to the CBS booth to chat to Nantz and Nick Faldo only to have the wind taken out of his sails twice by Faldo with low blows.

Picking up on Kuchar's near misses in recent weeks, Faldo pounced

"I want to take you back to 17. You work with Gio Valiante dont you?  He talks about acceptance. How do you accept three putting from four feet on the 71st green?  What did you say to yourself, come on?"

Then as Kuchar tried to explain the three putt in terms of break and gusting wind, Faldo turned to the camera shook his head and mouthed "We dont believe you."

Jumping in again, Sir Nick said

"So you are able to blame the events of it rather than blaming yourself, coz many golfers would walk off and say 'I'm useless, I have just choked.'

Kuch quickly came back with "I know I'm a good putter. I know it's not a characteristic of mine to three putt from four feet."

Cue Nantz to take control and get back to all the positives that made up Kuchar's 64.

But Nick wasn't finished yet.  He had one more punch to deliver.

"Do you set goals coz you're obviously the best player in the world not to win a Major?"

God only knows what was said between Kuchar and Faldo after the interview but it cannot have been pleasant!

Yes Kuchar's three putt on 17 was pretty shocking and could have cost him the tournament, but he did win in dramatic fashion with a chip in on the last and the winners interview is no place to hold the Spanish Inquisition.

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  1. Wow! i always respected Sir Nick Faldo when he was playing and in the booth...he and Miller forget how difficult it is to compete on the tour...no sense in bashing someone after such a heroic win!

  2. He should punch Faldo in the back of the neck..lol