In case you missed it, Bubba Watson had to play in the rain today.  And if thought he had a problem with large crowds, you should see him with water.

Poor old Bubbs got angrier and angrier, and caddie Ted Scott bore the brunt of most of it.  At one point Bubba backed off a tee shot, and even though Ted jumped in with the umbrella, dried his driver AND picked the ball off the tee to dry it, it still wasn't good enough for Watson who didn't connect with the shot.

He turned to Scott and said "Water on the clubface, bro… water on the clubface. I got no chance!"  More like Ted had no chance.

Then after another "I got nothing" Bubba called this tee shot "f@cking bullshit"

I doubt we'll be getting a funny "You're Welcome" video this evening!

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h/t to eyeongolf for the Vine
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