Colin Montgomerie has been speaking about Rors and Tiger.  Hazmat suits on please.

"Tiger Woods is going to uh uh uh come back, back into the frame," Montgomerie told some poor bugger who wished he was somewhere else. "Is he he he going to be able to get back, not just to to to to the levels he was but better than that? Because that's where Rory McIlroy's taken the standard of golf: to one level beyond where Tiger was."

Hold the back page!

"Can he win all uh uh uh all four in a year?" Montgomerie asked himself allowed. "That's another question on people's lips within our game. Can he win all four in a year, never mind never mind two? That means six in a row. Wow, that'll be something. If you're a betting man -- I'm sure there's a lot of people putting money on it -- I'm sure it's a 100-1 shot but it's worth a punt."

H/t: John T for the quotes.

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