If you thought, like me, Rory McIlroy's legal team were going to wipe the floor with Horizon Sports in their court case, then yesterday's hearing in Dublin proved quite the opposite to be the case.

It saw the McIlroy team coming up with a pretty far fetched explanation as to why their man wiped information from up to eight mobile phones!

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Horizon have a guy called Mr Sreenan who seems to be the equivalent of the South African "Bulldog" Gerrie Nel.  Sreenan wants to get hold of Rory's old phones, even though they have been wiped, because he knows a guy, who knows a lad, who get can the data back.

Rory's legal team had argued that he changed phones so regularly due a “transient life-style” but that explanation changed yesterday to needing to change phones to stop the world's journalists from ringing him in the middle of the night.

Mr Sreenan then questioned why Rory would wipe his phone without backing up his data.  Contacts, important texts, selfies with Caroline etc.....very clever!
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