Jim Furyk turned heads when he turned up at a 5-Hour Energy photo-shoot yesterday sporting his new sculpted and toned body. The 44 year old has spent the off season living over a Ponte Vedra gym gaining an incredible four stones of muscle.

"I'm delighted for Jim," said his wife Tabitha. "Instead of being the skinny, weak, pale, insipid waif we all knew, Jim is now a real man with muscles. We even have sex. Once even with the lights on." 

"The only downside are the random uncontrollable flashes of extreme rage and violence Jim gets now but I suppose that comes with the territory when you're a real man," she laughed. Nervously.

Furyk himself later revealed how his diet and exercise routine have changed over the last three months. "I eat 14 eggs whites, a quart of milk, three turkeys and sixteen of those pink pills," he said. "And that's just for breakfast. Then I pump."

Asked what his on-course aims are for 2015, Furyk was a little more circumspect. "Golf? You think you get a physique like this by playing golf?" he asked. "I haven't had time to scratch my arse when I'm not chewing iron."

"I haven't tried yet but with these giant pecs and my swing, I'm guessing there's going to be some extra re-routing and its not going to be pretty."
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