Despite warnings that they are an extremely needy breed and shed hair everywhere, a Tennessee dog shelter grudgingly agreed to allow a small Dalmatian to adopt Brandt Snedeker.

"I think we'll call him Floppy because he has lovely blonde floppy hair," said the puppy excitedly as he sat into the back seat of his Dad's car clutching Brandt Snedeker in a cardboard box with some holes. 

"He's a big animal and the shelter warned us that Floppy is not really house trained," said Daddy Dalmatian. "They said he tends to go along quietly then for no apparent reason gets into position and shits himself.  He's done it a few times already under the kitchen table but its hard to get angry with him when he smiles up at you with those beautiful yet stupid eyes. You just know he hasn't a clue what has just happened, the poor thing, there with his legs slipping on the tiles in his own excrement."

"Sure we will keep him for a few weeks anyway," said Daddy Dalmatian.

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