The BBC have announced their Christmas schedule today, including a six part celebrity "The Apprentice" with Sir Nick Faldo stepping into the role of Lord Alan Sugar.

Sir Nick was introduced to the public at a hastily arranged press conference this morning at BBC Centre in London and delighted all present by performing his famous fake stumble routine as he entered the room.

Faldo, best known for his ego, was selected from a shortlist of what the  BBC called "four outstanding and eminently suitable British gentlemen" which included Ashley Cole, Nigel Farage and Gordon Brown.

"I guess I'm used to dealing with extremely important business issues in a fun, cheeky-chappy and quick witted way," laughed Faldo into the camera, while it was recording.

"I'm not sure if I'm going to fire any of the candidates because I'm such a nice guy," continued Sir Nick, juggling some cream buns. "I might just sit back and let them think they are world beaters as they fail miserably in the tasks then, years later just when they are on the cusp of doing something that's actually pretty impressive, tell everybody just how utterly crap and worthless they really are."

Filming is set to begin next week once Faldo's extradition from the USA to the United Kingdom is formalized. The first episode airs on December 24th at 9pm on BBC one.

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