Considering the paltry amount of money at stake in the overall scheme of things for Rory McIlroy in his court case versus Horizon Sports Management,  it's becoming increasingly apparent that, innocent or guilty,  the world number one should have cut his losses and gotten out of Dodge a long time ago.


The theory that Horizon have got themselves an Olympic gold medal winning counsel in Paul Sreehan gathered more weight yesterday after another day of drudgery in the pre trial hearing.  Sreehan is set to insure this trial plays out at a snails pace and in forensic detail.

With the trial due to kick off on February 1st and given the pace of this weeks trailer it seems almost inevitable now that McIlroy himself will be sitting in a Dublin court room for more than the six to eight weeks originally thought.  Whatever way you look at it that grand plan to win The Masters is going to be severely interrupted.

Brian Keogh has been watching Sreehan in action first hand and reported his exactitude on the Irish Golf Desk.

The minutiae of which phones were restored to factory settings by all the parties concerned, which ones ended up in the Jack and Jill recycling bins, or gifted to family members, which ones were broken or lost, was laid out by Mr Sreenan in detail over the course of several hours as he cited affidavits from the parties concerned as well as experts in the field of data forensics.
My dream of Rory and Tiger, both on tip top form, battling it out on the back nine in Augusta in April is looking less and less and likely.  The cost of this trial might not be measured millions, but just one. One Green Jacket.

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