The good news and the bad news continued for Tiger Woods on Sunday at the Hero World Challenge.  The good news is his back stood up well to the whole tournament; the bad news is there were a couple more fatted chips for the archives.

Woods explained exactly what was happening. Apparently he's using his new "release" with his greenside chips and that's not working. At all.

 "If I put my backswing in the same position that I used to have it in and then make this new release, I'm going to hit it fat every time,'' he said. "I've got to get things in a different order. From about 40 yards out it's pretty solid. I hit those shots really well. Anything inside of that, I have to get used to.

"It's a different release pattern, and so my chipping is off, putting is just a touch off,'' he said. "I started to figure something out today, which was nice. I've got to get used to a different release pattern, different release point. That said, my short game is off because of it, but my long game is better. All it is is practice. I just need to work.''
Here are two of the finest on the 13th where Woods ended up with triple bogey.

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