The Rory McIlroy versus Horizon pre trial vacuum cleaner was at it again yesterday when three more people were sucked into proceedings.

Maurice Collins representing Horizon named  Donal Casey, the now CEO of Rory McIlroy Inc, Rory's personal assistant Sean O'Flaherty, and his father Gerry McIlroy, as being instrumental in destroying the relationship between Rory McIlroy and Horizon.

Rossa Fanning representing McIlroy, said it was "just preposterous" to suggest the three men engineered the break up with Horizon.

Then another name popped up, that of businessman Dermot Desmond.  Apparently Dermy had his best men run the rule over Rory's contract, as a wee favour to the lad.

Forget the vacuum cleaner.  The suction of new characters into this case is like a jet engine!

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