I'm not sure if you've heard this already but be prepared for an almighty shock next time you see Phil Mickelson.  The man has been putting himself through a monumental fitness regimen in order to get back to his very best. 

Now 44, Phil is raw carroting his way to losing three stone and has enlisted A list strength and conditioning master Sean Cochran to oversee the transformation.

One of Cochran's keys to good health for Phil is the no sugar, no gluten Paleo diet he now follows religiously. Here follows the greatest quote from a coach that I've ever heard.
"You have to wonder how a Twinkie can have a five year shelf life. That can’t be good for your performance.”-Sean Cochran

According to what I'm reading Phil is in the gym four days a week for about 90 minutes a session. Stretching, welting medicine balls off concrete, lunging like a gymnast, flinging heavy ropes like a sailor and so on.

But will it help Phil's golf game? Here's what I think. If it makes Phil feel strong and happy and confident, it will help his golf game. More power to you Phil.

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