Bridgestone release a driver about as often as there is an Olympics so everyone is interested to see if their new J715 is any good.

Though barely visible on the PGA Tour aside from Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker, Bridgestone are a major force on the Champions and LPGA Tours.

The USP's of the J715 (with the blurb filtered out)

Milled Face: Like chalk on a cue, this grips the ball at impact, allows good compression and reduces the spin up to 300 rpms.  Nice idea, watch for the other companies latching onto this next.

Crown:  Thickest at back, thin at face to allow the crown to flex and launch the ball higher.

Weighting: Not a fan of this but there are movable weights in the centre of the clubhead (2g) and heel (12g).

Adjustable: The lie angle can be changed 1 or 2 degrees upright, and the face can be set open or closed.

Available: Feb 1st

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