Martin Kaymer threw away a 10 shot lead in the final round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship after suddenly realizing he left the oven on at the house he was renting for the week, sources confirmed today.

While hitting his opening tee shot, Kaymer was reportedly seconds away from relaxing and enjoying a procession to victory when he was suddenly crushed by the full weight of the prospect of severe smoke damage, or worse still a fire, at the 3,000 square foot bungalow he and two other were renting for the tournament.

“Oh shit I've left the goddam oven on at full,” said Kaymer to caddie Craig Connolly as he smiled and waved to fans on the first tee.
“How many yards to that bunker?” continued Kaymer as he played out the ramifications of having to deal with the massive insurance claim that would inevitably be coming from the owner of the house due to the German's gross negligence.

Taking two more practice swings in trance like haze,  the German played out the scenario of having to explain to housemates Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose why all their personal belongings were lost forever, all while he mentally picked through the charred debris and ash that was, just hours ago, a majestic home overlooking the course.

“Everything’s okay ,” said the German, wondering how the law in the Middle East differed to that in Germany in relation to such matters.

Sprinting from the final green Kaymer shouted “Thanks guys, I really have to get going."

Frenchman Gary Stal won the tournament and the chef turned off Kaymer's oven.
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