LAUSANNE Switzerland- A team of researchers from the USA Switzerland and England told a packed press conference in Lausanne today they have made a breakthrough in developing the world's first pair of sunglasses that will not slide straight off Zach Johnson's incredibly flat nose.

"We were faced with the huge problem of designing a pair of glasses that essentially would defy gravity and grip onto Zach Johnson's nose, which as you know, runs flush with his face," said Professor Han Voss who led the team. "These glasses are heavily reliant on nanotechnology and the ears and the result is quite amazing.  They actually appear to be sitting snuggly on Zach's nose like conventional glasses even though we know that according to the laws of physics that cannot possibly be the case."

The glasses could go into general production by the year 2042 and are expected to cost $14,000,000 per pair.  

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