Pacing back and forth in front of a hastily arranged media gathering, Tiger Woods announced today he suspects there may be a mole in his camp.  

"Who the f*ck else on God's green Earth would know that I entered the 2015 Phoenix Waste Management Open just so I could get a sneaky win when Rory McIlroy wasn't there, and then broadcast it five minutes later on The Golf Channel?" Woods demanded, looking over to the corner where his mother, Lindsey Vonn and Notably Gay III, who works for The Golf Channel, were sitting.
"I'm not pointing the finger or anything," Woods added looking in the general direction of the corner. "But sometimes I get the feeling that somebody is repeating everything I say in private, word for word on  the f*cking Golf Channel.  Some day I'm going to figure out who it is, then there will be hell to pay."
More as it emerges.

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