With day one of the court battle between Rory McIlroy and Horizon Sports behind us, it turned out the ball was actually in play for less time than the SuperBowl. Forty two seconds in all.

What it did do however was give Team Rory a distaste for the Irish courts system, with the frenzy followed by the tension, the silence, and the reverence only punctuated by the whirring of the Senior's Counsel meter as his bill for the day shoots past a couple of hundred thousand quid.

According to all the guys I've spoken to, Rors started out the day very bouncy and smiley and chipper in his suit, and ended it a tad less enthusiastic.

When both sides return today I fully expect they will announce a settlement has been made.  It will be in favour of Horizon's Conor Ridge, of that there is no doubt. It's well known that Conor already turned down €10 million to drop this; he's now looking for more like €20 to 30 million.  €10 would have been useless to him, the lawyering bill so far is easily in excess of €5.5 million.

All the journalists will be there again today, ready to pounce when the settlement is announced around 11am.

Whatever the figure paid out, it wont bother Rory, it's only a drop in the ocean.  He's not the kind of guy to give in, and may yet choose to press on with this un-winnable war, but for me this one will be wrapped up today after one costly skirmish.

Most disappointing of all for the devil in me though was that Rory didn't give the media the traditional two fingered salute we expect from those on the steps of the Four Courts. Tiger would have!

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