The R&A's Peter Dawson made me puke a little bit in my mouth yesterday with the absolute tripe he trotted out to justify selling off The Open to Sky Sports.

In the middle of the steaming pile of horse shit that Dawson delivered was this paragraph intended to appease the millions of angry fans everywhere who don't fancy subscribing to Sky Sports just to watch The Open.
Another important consideration in our decision was that fans of The Open do not need to be Sky subscribers to enjoy live coverage of the Championship. Through ‘NOW TV’ viewers can watch The Open, taking a daily or weekly package without the need for a contract.  Our agreement with Sky also includes a limitation on advertising to a maximum of four minutes per hour, with each break lasting just 60 seconds.
Hang on a minute here.  So now Dawson has told us we don't need to subscribe to Sky, but could choose to subscribe to the unknown NOW TV, another pay per watch TV company the R&A have done a deal with.  Well that's just fantastic! Not.  I've just been on the NOW TV website and it's another one of those that is looking for your credit card after two clicks. Nice one Peter.

Oh and I forgot to congratulate you on negotiating ad breaks lasting "just 60 seconds."  You see Peter, by using the word 'just' there, you are trying to make it sound like a little inconvenience; like a fart.  But we all know four farts an hour can stink up a room!

Let's be clear, for the most part I'm a fan of Sky Sports. Yes I take the piss out of Mark Roe and Monty for comic effect  when they deserve it (i.e. always) but am big fan of Livingstone, Lee, Radar, Howell and most of all Denis Pugh, who is a consummate pro who doesn't take himself too seriously. Sky have done loads for the European Tour and reinvigorated the Ryder Cup. Their shows are slick.

And lets be even clearer, the BBC's coverage hasn't been all that innovative in recent years and though they seem to have a good guy in Andrew Cotter and the dear Peter Alliss, it just didn't have the production values of Sky, and needed a revamp.

The people's problem here is that The Open was the one event that was free to air on the BBC, where like Wimbledon, everyone in GB&I could become golf fans for a week before it disappeared again behind the blue screen of subscription TV.

So thanks Mister Dawson.  When you leave, would you mind opening the windows, this place stinks!

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