I'm not even going to try to dress this one up (no pun intended) for comic value, just suffice to say Robert Allenby's stolen credit card from the night he fell and hit his head outside the Femme Nu adult entertainment whorehouse has been retrieved and the guy who stole it nabbed.

The police blamed the media for "complicating" the investigation (really sorry officers) and clapped Robert on the back for sticking to his watertight story the whole time.

And the best bit from the police statement on how the bad guy actually got Allenby's credit card in the first place........“We’re not speculating as to how he got it. We know he had it and he used it.”

Great work guys, now next question is who kidnapped him? What? You haven't gotten around to that yet?

Scotland Yard detectives will be quaking in their boots!
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