Reading Keely Levins excellent piece as an undercover cart girl in Golf Digest I don't see the words sexual harassment mentioned anywhere but that's clearly what the article is about.  

The culture of beer drinking during play is pretty much par for the course in the US as is, according to the article, talk laden with sexual innuendo towards the cart girls who feel isolated according to Levins. She recounts the first time she spoke to a punter on the course after noticing his troon hat.

"Troon, you ever play there?"
"Yeah," he says, then follows with a shockingly crude remark stamped with a wink. The guys laugh. Tracy hands them their morning beers, and I wonder if the man has a mother.

It gets worse. Levins guide Sally explains.

"I drove up to a group one time, and the guy holds out a $50 bill and says, 'Let's see your chest.' I was shocked. And a little worried. You're on your own out there, no manager or anything. But I just kind of shut them down. And after that they seemed a little embarrassed."
The prevailing theory among the girls is that this isolation works differently for the golfers: Guys feel free to say anything they want because the golf course is an open space. In restaurants there are other waitresses and bartenders and patrons to quickly fend off animals, but the cart girl is alone.
"Old guys are fine," Sally tells me. "They can be pretty dirty, but you know they're harmless. Middle-age guys are the worst. You can tell when a guy's just caged up at home. He's got his ring on, but you can just sense that this is his only release for any out-of-line behavior."

I'm guessing that Golf Digest had to very careful writing this to ruffle as few feathers as possible, but even in this what I'm guessing is a toned down edit, it makes for some very uncomfortable reading.
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