Normally used to watching the US golf go on until 11.30ish pm on a Sunday night, I think we were all surprised to see the Arnold Palmer Invitational wrap up at 10pm on the dot.  Henrik Stenson said after the tournament, the TV company's strict scheduling forced him to rush his closing holes, causing him to ultimately lose the tournament.

The Swede claims he didn't have enough time to study before three stabbing on 15 and 16.

Lest you get the impression here that the issue is slow play, Henrik made the case to Golfweek on how the host broadcaster changed the leaders final round tee times by five minutes so they could wrap by 6pm.

“I thought we were here to play golf and not to finish at 6,” said Stenson. “I know we have times to take into consideration. If one, two minutes on the broadcast is going to make or break it, then I think we need to have some more leeway with it.”

I'm not sure how much sympathy (except for mine) will be pouring in for Henrik given the final pairing were put on the clock early, but he does make a legitimate point about the TV company.  Seventy men walking down a one way street is not going to be as predictable to time as a soccer match!

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