Tiger Woods is back in the news this morning after his manager Mark Steinberg went on record to confirm Woods does actually own the name Tiger Woods.   

You would be forgiven for thinking that's the first line from one of my satire stories, but in this case its true.  I had a story last week about Woods being unable to use his full name in naming his new restaurant The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club because Nike owned the rights.

The Golf Channel had a statement from Steiny.

“I can’t imagine how this could have been communicated this way. It is wholly inaccurate and categorically false,” Steinberg said. “Tiger owns his own name and always had. He can use his name in any form he chooses. Nike would confirm that if asked.” Later Wednesday, a Nike spokeswoman did just that, saying, "Nike does not own the name 'Tiger Woods.' We can confirm that Mark Steinberg's comments are accurate."
In other news on Geoff Shak, David Feherty is starting to feel sorry for Woods.

 "For the last 18 years he has had a camera meet him in the parking lot and follow him to the parking lot when he's done," Feherty said. "It's a great shame, really, that we haven't given him any privacy or any kind of respect. Even this last episode when he was so bummed and deflated, and for the first time he gave the impression he felt like a basket case, we still followed him to his car and watched him struggle to get his shoes off and drive away.
"I mean, really? Enough. I never thought I'd feel sorry for him, but I do."

Hang on now Davey boy, if it weren't for a camera in the parking lot, Tiger would be still banging wautresses and hookers behind his wife and kids back!
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