What started out as a chapter in a sports book about Patrick Reed has blown up into the mother and father of all sh!tstorms,  

Turns out poor old Pat was a bit of a scoundrel in college and, if the allegations are to be believed, was a thief, cheat, had alcohol issues and was ushered out of Georgia University!

Now a successful Tour winner, husband and Dad, needless to say Pat is desperately fighting the allegations with his legal team in advance of the book coming out.

But as we've seen with the likes of Tiger Woods or Robert Allenby in recent times, the media will keep tugging at the strings of a story until it unravels.

In this regard Stephanie Wei has done a huge amount of tugging and published a statement from Jason Payne, who coached Reed in college at Georgia, which references "character issues".

Patrick Reed has established himself as one of the best players in the world of golf and I wish him nothing but the best both personally and professionally. While getting to know Patrick through the recruiting process as a coach, a few character issues came to light, that we as coaches thought we could help Patrick with. Once Patrick was on campus for a few months, it became clear that Patrick was not going to mesh with the make up of the team at that time, and he was dismissed from the team.
There is no doubting the ability of Patrick as a golfer, it was Patrick as a person that we chose not to associate with. The story that has been reported by Shane Ryan is an accurate account of his college career at UGA—including the suspicions held by his former teammates. I am sure Patrick has learned from his past and is now the best individual, golfer, husband, and father he can be.
There's a lot more of this story to play out; only the sleeves have unraveled yet.

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