Jesus Christ told a packed press conference at the RBC Heritage today that he is on the "brink of a move" from Zach Johnson to Jordan Spieth.

"I've been with Zach for several years now and we've had some great times together," the Son Of God said. "But I feel a change right now might be best for both of us.  He just doesn't hit it as long as the young kids on Tour and there's only so many miracles I can produce per round."

The former Jewish Rabi from Galilee also revealed relations with Johnson have become more strained recently.

"He's stopped calling me his shield, his rock, his saviour and it seems now that every time he says 'Jesus Christ' he's doing it in the angry way," the Messiah said.  "It kind of came to a head at The Masters.  That tournament always comes at a bad time for me as I'm always dead tired after Easter but Zach only ever seems to care about his golf game."

JC hinted he may now move to Jordan Spieth as early as this week at Hilton Head.

"I've had a chat with Jordan and there's just a bit of paperwork left to do before we start working together," Jesus said. "My manager Peter is working with Jordan's guys as we speak.  Jordan is a great guy; he says his prayers, doesn't use curse words and has a 'no sex before marriage' agreement with Annie. How mental is that?"

More as it emerges.

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