After initial widespread support for Jordan Spieth's win at Augusta there is now a growing feeling of unease that the Masters Champion may in fact turn out to be a terrible role model to a large part of the golfing community.

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"Golf had just gotten back on its feet with a new bunch of wealthy billionaire dickheads realizing they cant actually cycle that carbon bike they bought and instead taking up the game of golf; now this guy Jordan Spieth wins?" said Tim Paulista, General Manager of the exclusive Bel End Beaver Canyon Creek Mountain Country Club in California. "What sort of message is that sending out to all those ego driven numpties that live so far up their own asses we rely on for membership every year?"
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"Look don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's a lovely guy" continued Paulista "But he has no ego, plays too quick, doesn't wear yellow tartan trousers and God-damn apologizes every time he raises his voice.  How are the absolute assholes that are my members going to empathize that that?
"Can you imagine one of my members turning up in his DB9 with his white tartans and his Honma clubs pretending to be Jordan Spieth?" asked Paulista. "Not a notion. They want to be a Reed, an Allenby or a Sabbatini. This Spieth guy could ruin the game. Mark my words." 

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