You know when Bond goes to Mr Scaramanga's island and has do deal with all those confusing mirrors? That reminds me of USGA chief Mike Davis who gets wheeled out about this time every year to issue a warning about the carnage that is set to ensue at the US Open.   

I'm guessing that since 18 under won the first Major of the year, Davis sounded the first warning that guys wont just be showing up at Chambers Bay and dismantling it.

"I would contend that there is no way a player will have success here at Chambers Bay unless he really studies the golf course and learns it," Davis said. "The idea of coming in and playing two practice rounds and just walking it and using your yardage book, that person is done. Will not win the U.S. Open."
World twitter expert was quick to get his say in.

And it looks like links golf specialists could have a big advantage if Davis is to be believed:

"This is a one-of-a-kind site for us at a U.S. Open," Davis said. "There is going to be some players that just love this ground game and love the imagination and embrace it. And then there are other players who just want predictability. They want something right in front of them. They don't want to have to guess what is going to happen after the ball lands. It's just a different mindset."
I wonder will he have Oddjob scurrying around chucking balls down ravines?!
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