The relationship between Zach Johnson and Jesus Christ, reported as being "strained" last week after Christ hinted at a move to Jordan Spieth, has taken another turn for the worse this evening after the Son Of God showed up uninvited and in an intoxicated state at a girls day out organized by Johnson's wife Kim.  

"I'm going to have a stern word with him tonight when I'm saying my prayers," said a clearly annoyed Johnson after hearing that Jesus bilocated from the bar after 12 vodka and red bulls to photobomb the girls picture.

"Hang on a second now," Jesus said later on his facebook page. "It's all very well me being Zach's rock, his saviour, his shield, his staff, his mitre and all that biblical weaponry stuff, but when I decide to have a day off, with the girls, I get all this crap dumped on me. Don't you worry, I wont forget this next time Zach is standing over a slippy left to righter for par. Now pass me those 18 solapadeine's over there on the table."

More as it emerges.

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