A Major Awards Ceremony was interrupted yesterday after PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem went to the toilet in a bit too much of a hurry.

During the ceremony to honour Jack Nicklaus, Finchem handed the podium to Nicklaus, before heading towards the door.

Nicklaus had only started his speech, however, when it became audibly clear that Finchem, who had only made to the edge of the stage, had forgotten to switch off his microphone before answering the call of nature.

The ceremony descended into laughter after as Finchem proceeded to dump three turds on the stage.

After a day of perhaps understandable silence, Finchem told Sky Sports he wasn’t embarrassed by the incident, joking with Sarah Stirk that it was an example of his commitment to open and transparent governance of the PGA Tour.

"When you gotta go, you gotta go," said Finchem as he urinated against the wheel of the Sky Cart.
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