The golf world apologized profusely to Colin Montgomerie this morning for not giving a shit about him winning a Senior Major on Sunday.

The Scot was said to be "not too f**king impressed" when only three reporters, who later turned out to be lost Chinese tourists, turned up for his winning interview.

Denying the suggestion that they just couldn't be arsed watching Montgomerie being all smug and everything, a spokesman for golf said "we are absolutely delighted for Colin winning the Senior Major thingy sponsored by kitchen utensils or whatever and we were going to write about it, we really were we swear, but something came up and we clean forgot."

With his latest win Sunday, Monty has now won a load of Senior Majors someone said.

Ever the statesman, Montgomerie graciously accepted golf's apology and offered to do a press conference on Wednesday to make up.

“Ooooo that's a tough one because the printer is out of ink and the wifi is crappy around here but we'll let you know," said golf.

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