Pace of play worriers will be jumping for joy with the news that laser rangefinders will be used during Tournament play for the first time ever at the Wales Senior Open in two weeks and very soon they could be legal on all the main Tours.

At present rangefinders may be used during practice rounds only, on the European and PGA Tours, with players reverting to taking yardages from books and course markings during tournament play.

The European Seniors Tour has been the first to sanction the use of rangefinders from the Wales Open after players voted overwhelmingly in their favour.

But will this devalue the role of the caddie in any way?  Not at all most will argue.  In fact it will do the opposite and allow the caddie to concentrate more on club selection, course management, putt reading as well as doing all the other tasks involved in getting his player and equipment from A to B in as few shots as possible.  .

The introduction of rangefinders will also save the Tours the painstaking course preparation ritual of marking hundreds of dotted yardage points with a spray can. In turn the days of caddies pacing up and down searching for those damn dots on the fairway while the boss waits hands on hips could be gone forever

And all of the above could be a massive factor in speeding up the game.

Still dragging their feet on a press release (speed up Euro Senior's Tour media!), any form of measuring device from market leader Bushnell to Sky Caddie, Farman, Nikon and others may be used at the Wales Open.

To find out more about Rangefinders and where you can buy them click here.

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