Bosses at top Tour player management company Golf Sports International were this evening reported to be "overjoyed" after their rookie player manager perfected the art of acting like a complete prick much sooner than expected.

Budding GSI employee Neville Vicious is now being tipped to go straight to the top of the player management tree after just three weeks of acting like an entitled bastard in the £30,000 a year job.

"We put Neville out front at the Irish Open to handle this asshole who was trying to organize a player to sign a shirt for his dumb sick kids charity and he took to it like a duck to water," said GSI boss Charles Charmer.  "His ability to lord it over the guy and just walk away while he was talking was amazing.  I mean you just cant teach that shit."

"Mister Vicious was very good," said Paul Green who was hoping to have a t-shirt signed for his son's luekemia fundraiser. "The way he was looking up facebook on his phone while I was talking was top class.  And that look of complete disdain that made me feel like a little insect was brilliant altogether."

"Even the little things Neville did were impressive," GSI boss Charmer concluded. "Usually it takes years to master the art of telling guys you've passed on a request to a colleague who hasn't a notion of doing them. But Neville seems to have a natural ability to blank anyone not wearing a rolex, find that courtesy car and just f*ck off to the airport. He's going places!" 

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