First of all I'll tell you what Bruce Jenner has done. Then I'll tell you how we all know Bruce Jenner.

 According to the world's greatest site TMZ he just put in jeopardy all the perks he enjoyed as a man at the ultra exclusive membership Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California by having a sex change.

Now poor old Bruce, I mean "Caitlyn" will be shoved in with the all women members in their ramshackle hovel at the Country Club!

What was he thinking?

So how does everybody body know Bruce Jenner? If you are 50 you'll know he won gold in the Olympic decathlon in 1975.  If you are 40 you'll recognize Jenner as the guy who stood in as John Baker's sidekick when officer Poncharello took a break from my favourite TV show CHiPs. And if you're 30 and under you'll him from The Kardashians!

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Pic tnx: TMZ
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