Scientific experts from Switzerland who know loads of stuff about hair say Jordan Spieth will have none of the stuff on the top of his head by the age of 25.

A team of experts from the University of Basel downloaded an aging app on their phone and discovered that, at his current rate of follicular falling outedness, Spieth will be a Stone Cold Steve Austin ringer in just four years time.

They released this picture of what Spieth will look like in a mere 48 months.

Commenting on the findings Spieth said "Rather than fear it, I'm happy to embrace male pattern baldness and look forward to both wearing and sometimes not wearing my Under Armour hat.  On occasions when my crown is exposed, I'll be sure to apply SPF 50 sunscreen because its vitally important to protect your skin from exposure to the sun kids.  And of course will do whatever I can to promote this person, place or event come what may. Praise be to God, and all other religious icons."  

More as it emerges from Jordan's cranium.

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