I just read this US Open final round summary piece by Shane Ryan and think it's the finest bit of writing I've come across in years. Ryan's brilliant descriptions included the agony of Dustin Johnson, which seemed more agonizing for us than it did for him!

DJ with his drive, and his perfect approach. And the three agonizing putts that made us all feel, no hyperbole, like we'd all failed. It was the worst kind of sympathetic reaction -- every one of us choked alongside him, even as we were bearing witness. The reality of Spieth's win, which is the best thing that could have happened to this sport, was momentarily muted by a feeling of collective suffering on the 18th green.

Ryan concludes that Dustin's crappy brother caddie and the fact that he is plain "dumb" didn't help him!

With Dustin, though, there's a sense of anarchy that doesn't go very well with the tension of a major championship. Austin is not the caddie with the exhaustive plan, or the supportive word. On Sunday, he didn't even serve to loosen his brother up at critical moments -- it was all silence and a few awkward laughs. I've heard a theory going around the media center that -- let's just put it bluntly -- Dustin is too dumb to be affected by nerves. 

It's not just me that holds this writer in high regard; as far as I can see he must be held in the highest esteem at Golf Digest as he ends the piece with

And I thought: "Please don't miss, Dustin. Please, do not miss this fucking putt."

Who gets away with that that isn't a lowly golf blogger??!!

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