Nice little piece on KCPQ reporting that head shops around Chambers Bay are stocking up on marijuana ahead of an expected boom at U.S. Open week.

Recreational marijuana smoking is legal in Washington state. And we all know there is only one scientifically proven cure for the yips.

“Tiger Woods is welcome to smoke his brains out,” Tacoma City Council member Matty Campbell said. "I might help cure the shits he gets with his driver."

Washington is one of two states (the other is Colorado) to legalize recreational marijuana use. For a mere $231.63 an ounce, Woods can get stoned on high quality weed.

What is the story with marijuana and the USGA? I know it's on the banned list but isn't testing in the USGA more geared toward beta-blockers and performance enhancers than THC?  The only pot incident I remember was Matt Every being nabbed for possession in 2010 and all charges  were dropped.

I say go for it Tiger. It can only help!

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